Frequently Asked Questions

What do mold remediators do?

Properly kill and remove mold and mold hyphae by using mold.

Are the products used to remove mold harmful?

NO! All cleaning products we use to remediate/remove mold are EPA-certified.

What are some of the affects of mold?

Mold can affect asthma, allergies, breathing, and cause other issues. Such as but not limited to rashes, fungal infections, and irritation.

Do we encapsulate?


Why use Bold Mold Eliminators for your mold remediation?

We remediate/remove mold the right way the first time at an affordable cost and in a timely fashion. We warranty our work.


Mold removal/Remediation, Correcting Attic Ventilation, Painting, Drywall Removal, Drywall Replacement, Vapor / Moisture Barrier Installation.