REMEDIATION OF MOLD is an easy process when choosing the right service provider. The first step is finding the right Mold Assessor.


We take all the necessary precautions in setting up proper containment. This allows us to move around in sensitive areas safely and to ensure that mold does not transfer to unaffected areas. Per our standards and IICRC.


The HEPA Sandwich is a technique that we use as mold remediators. Using an EPA-certified moldicide. Thoroughly scrubbing all mold affected areas is essential to remove mold spores.


Bold Mold Eliminators  can get the mold remediation done in great time. We have a team of certified experts in mold remediation/ mold removal.


We remove mold to create a healthier environment. Working hard to remediate mold the right way. Dedicated to help protect residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Mold Remediation Service

We are always willing to provide you with the best services and ensure that we positively affect your living condition in the best way possible. This includes providing the best mold removel services you can get in Albany, N.Y. and beyond. Apart from it, however, there are a few other services that we can handle to give your property the best face lift it can get

We are an expert mold remediation contractor company that utilizes the best mold removal processes to restore your mold infected property to its original state. Remediation of mold is an easy process when you have the right experts doing it for you. You don’t need to look any further than us, because we use the latest technology to get molds out of your property.

Our experts are well trained and motivated to handle all kinds of mold infestations. We take all necessary precautions to set up proper containment, allowing us to move around sensitive areas without putting you or any member of your household at risk.
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