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Mold Remediation and Restoration

Albany Mold Eliminators – It is that time of the year when your home or business area can easily get infested with mold. Most times, it does not even matter how much attention you pay to clean; these stubborn molds still find their way to your space.

You do not have to blame yourself so much when these mold infestations happen – it’s not because of your carelessness. Instead, you need to think of a quick action course because mold can spread throughout your property in a short while. When you let mold spread, you are leaving your property prone to irritants and allergens that would potentially cause other unwanted health effects.

If you suspect that your property is prone to mold infestation, then you need to call in mold assessor experts that can help you handle it quickly and efficiently. The experts at Bold Mold Eliminators can help with inspecting and accessing your property in such situations. If mold is found, we then throw in our expertise to handle the situation efficiently without putting you or any member of your household at risk.
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Albany Mold Eliminators is your number one mold remediation company in Albany,N.Y.,Schenectady,N.Y., Saratoga Springs,N.Y., Troy, N.Y. and its surrounding cities. The experts employed here provide 24/7 emergency services that are related to mold remediation and removal when you need it. We understand that you could notice a mold situation at any time, and we know how uncomfortable it can make you. Therefore, we will be willing to send experts to your home or office at any time of the day to help remedy the situation.

Over time, we have grown into a trusted leader in the industry-boasts of over 300 successfully completed jobs. We do not mean to brag when we say that our mold remediation process is the best in , so you can expect nothing short of excellence.
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When mold infestations happen, it affects everywhere; both indoors, and outdoors. The speed with which mold spread can be both annoying and frustrating. Mold spores are usually microscopic, with the ability to float in the air. That explains why you mostly do not have control over where it would reach. Typically, they would float in through your doors, windows, and AC/heating systems. Experts even suggest that they can hang on your clothes or the fur of your pet.

Albany Mold Eliminators – Mold spores thrive on moisture with an ability to proliferate into colonies, especially when exposed to water. If mold remediation is not done properly, then you’ll be surprised at how quickly these little annoying creatures can reproduce. Don’t wait until it becomes a problem beyond your control – not when we can handle it for you. We begin our mold remediation by correcting every moisture and ventilation issue. This is done to stop the return of the mold.

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    Health Tips


    Infants may develop respiratory symptoms as a result of exposure to a specific type of fungal mold, called Penicillium.


    Mold causes asthma and there are three types of mold that were more common in the homes of babies who later developed asthma.


    It is estimated that over 37 million people in the United States currently suffer from some sort of sinusitis.


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