The Mold Remediation Process

Here at Bold Mold Eliminators, we adopt a mold remediation process that’s effective, safe, and inexpensive. To help you understand the mold remediation process that we adopt, it is only necessary to talk about what mold remediation is.


Mold remediation refers to the whole process involved in the removal, cleaning, sanitization, deodorizing, and demolition of mold infestation of contaminated areas. It also involves the preventive measures taken to prevent subsequent contamination. Remember that dead mold spores can produce harmful MYCOTOXINS!!!

Over time, the experts at Bold Mold Eliminators have mastered the use of a process that’s effective for removing mold and preventing future infestations from residential and commercial apartments. We understand the struggle involved in getting the annoying organisms out of your property, and we’ve adopted workable processes that will get your property back to its original look.

You can be assured of the safety of our processes to your health and the health of every member of your household.

Below, check out the step by step guide on how our process work.

▪ Quote Submission: When you request a quote, we will send a team to come and physically see the extent of the damage, irrespective of your location in Albany, N.Y.

Note that we do NOT charge for quotes.
Request a free quote now!

▪ Development of Mold Remediation Plan: Once you see our quote and give us the go-ahead with your work, we will swing into action to develop a working plan.

Each plan we develop is specifically customized to meet the needs of your building. We also put your safety and the safety of every occupant of your building into consideration when developing a workable plan.

▪ The Mold Remediation Process Begins: We do not take too much time to begin the process.

Once we’ve agreed on terms, we will throw our experts to your site to efficiently handle the mold remediation. Be assured that we will use modern tools, techniques, and strategies to disinfect properly, sanitize, clean, and deodorize your property for any mold that may be lurking around.

We work based on your schedule. This means that our experts can work at any time you need us to be around. We also handle the complete encapsulation of the affected areas when necessary. Be assured that all the products that we will use for the process are EPA-Certified.

Are you seeking to learn more about our process? Feel free to contact us by call or text at (518)801-8290) or at any time on telephone or email, and we will be willing to answer your questions accurately.

Are you seeking to learn more about our process?